About Us

We are proud to have endured hand-picking cantaloupes, bell peppers, watermelons, corn, and countless other crops in the fields with the intense Central Valley heat hours on end. Together we have done livestock caring, payroll assisting, Ag trucking, Ag technician, Ag accounting, and numerous other duties that are a part of Ag. It gives us an appreciation when purchasing products at the grocery store and we fully understand what it takes to have food on our tables.

We created the AgProven brand to let others know you have proven to yourself you are capable of supporting your family, living a happy life, and conquering any situation, either physical or mental, that crosses you. It is a means of Agricultural awareness throughout the world. If your career doesn’t specifically target Agriculture but are impacted by the effects of Agriculture, there is now a way to communicate that with others who are not aware of your Agricultural experience.

We have been around Ag since a very young age.

As a matter of fact, we are still involved with Agriculture to this day. We are current students and alumni of California State University, Fresno where we have been involved in multiple clubs, organizations, and competitions throughout the campus. Having already worked the harsh outdoor conditions of Ag while handpicking crops, we know we can accomplish anything that crosses our paths! We strive to be successful to live a fulfilling life and in turn helping our community, family, and friends.

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